Fashion-Friendly Friends

If you’re like me, and you need a cane to walk, why not walk it with style? About 2 years ago, I discovered this great website called Fashionable Canes. It carries an assorted supply of colorful, patterned canes with different handles, sizes, and grips. Are you looking to spice up your daily stroll with animal print? Then try this website.

IMG_20150423_131201621_HDRMy current friend Candy, (get it? Candy Cane?) is a glossy purple paisley print. She often gets compliments and has proven to be very reliable. 🙂 I’ve been through a few canes over the years, but none have been as shiny and fun as Candy.  Of course this is not discrediting my very first cane, Michael (Ok, I’m sure you get this one), who thankfully, made the struggle much less challenging. I still have Michael perched in a corner; a symbol of how far I’ve come and all the little things that helped me get there.

Thanks to Fashionable Canes, my collection of fashion friendly friends is slowly growing.


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